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Koen Willems


I'm Koen Willems, Dutch and born in 1977.

I obtained my title in Physiotherapy in 2000 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and the title in Health Sciences in 2003 in Maastricht, the Netherlands. During both educations I chose to do additional courses in cognitive psychology and chronic pain to educate myself more in psycho somatic problems.

During and after my studies I worked in the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Germany and the UK. I had the pleasure of working in several private physio practices, a sports medical center and a job rehabilitation institute. Next to my work as a physiotherapist, I founded the ICARA institute for job rehab and a chronic pain management institute Real Health NL both in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. After coming to Barcelona in 2008, I took the opportunity to follow my dream and start my own business with PhysiotherapyBarcelona and RunningBarcelona. Over the last few years I have worked with clients from all over the world and had the pleasure of coaching marathon runner Nacho Cáceres in the London Olympic Games in 2012.

I specialize in treatment of (chronic) back pain & sport injuries, health on the job, running therapy and Health Coaching.


Daniela kunz


I'm Daniela born in 1981 in Germany. In 2001 I moved to the Netherlands where I also completed my bachelor studies in physiotherapy in 2006. After this I went on to specialize in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, which I completed with my Masters in 2010. 

After working in various physiotherapy practices in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, in 2014 I moved with my family to the beautiful city of Barcelona. To meet my colleague Koen in this city and having the possibility to work together with him at Physiotherapy Barcelona  allowed me to continue working following my philosophy of physiotherapy and being able to offer individual treatments with an active approach which makes our profession that interesting.

As well as manual therapy I also specialize in dry needling, core stability training and pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain. 


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677248543 (Koen) / 698548841 (Daniela)



Hello! My name is Pauline Brugts and I am physiotherapist and coach at Physiotherapy Barcelona. 

I am originally from the Netherlands but have made Barcelona my new home.

After finishing my studies in Utrecht I worked in several physiotherapy settings such as a hospital, rehabilitation centers as well as a physiotherapy clinic. My preference is to work in a multidisciplinary environment and therefore I am happy to start working with the specialists of Physiotherapy Barcelona.  

My background is in sports, where I competed on the highest level in field hockey and I was fortunate to win many national and international prizes. Next to being a hockey player I also have experience in coaching and training with professional and nonprofessional athletes. 

This combination of being an athlete and developing myself in physiotherapy have made me into someone who is focused on getting the most out of the people while helping them with their physical problems.

Contact for a (first) appointment
or call 931 05 01 59 (centre)
677248543 (Koen) / 698548841 (Daniela) / 610361999 (Pauline)