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To offer good services and reach the best results we want to take sufficient time for each individual client. Therefore we plan 60 minutes for each private session in our center.  

PHYSIOTHERAPY                         € 60.00

MANUAL THERAPY                      € 60.00

TRAINING                                      € 60.00

HOME or OFFICE VISIT                € 90.00

If within your private health insurance you have the modality of ‘refund or free choice’ (‘reembolso o libre eleccion’) the treatments of Physiotherapy Barcelona can turn out to be much more cost efficient for you. If your health insurance offers this so-called "Reembolso o Libre Eleccion", you are free to choose a specialist who is outside the medical pool of your insurance. In this case the treatments will cost only 10% or 20% of the above mentioned price per session.

Some private health insurances who offer this service are: Cigna, Generali, Sanitas Mundi, Mutua General de Catalunya, Axa Winterthur, Adeslas Extra, HNA, Mapfre Caja Salud, Cosalud, DKV etc.

In order to provide the best experience to you we take appointments as far in advance as you wish. Kindly note however that we apply a 24h cancellation policy. As it is not possible for us to schedule a new client on such short notice all appointments cancelled within 24h of your appointment will incur full charge. 

Contact for a (first) appointment
or call 931 05 01 59 (centre)
677248543 (Koen) / 698548841 (Daniela) /(+34) 610361999 (Pauline)